New Items Arriving Weekly April 23 2017

Please email us at OR call us at 956.216.7517, should you have any questions regarding any items listed on our site.

International Shipments March 31 2017

If you are interested in an item listed on this site, but you live overseas, let us know and we will list the item on eBay for you to purchase and use the the international shipping methods through eBay. It will make it all that easier for all. Thank You!

You may contact via email: or call us at: 956.216.7517.

Edward Molina - B Bay Depot March 22 2017

It's exciting to see how our eBay customers are transitioning to our ecommerce store. Thank You !

Now Open ! March 01 2017

Service Counter & Consignment Store Now Open !!

Be Sure To Visit Our Blogger Page ! October 29 2016

Looking For Something In Particular? July 26 2016

If you are looking for something in particular or if you have any questions regarding any product listing, please feel free to contact us directly.


Our History May 19 2016

Edward Molina ( owner ) has been selling goods on line for 11 years. Selling product for the masses on a global scale has been a favorite past time of his when he lived in Los Angeles. What was once a hobby - has now transitioned into a business specifically geared to selling goods for clients who would like a return for-inherited items, items purchased on impulse or items that are no longer wanted.